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Students and Trainees

Toronto Rehab prepares graduate students and postdoctoral fellows for careers in the rapidly-expanding field of rehabilitation research. We are currently home to more than 200 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. They are cherished members of our research family.

There are many reasons to train at Toronto Rehab. Part of the University Health Network, we are the largest academic adult rehabilitation hospital in Canada. Toronto Rehab is a fully affiliated research and teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto. Located in the heart of Canada’s largest city, Toronto Rehab is a dynamic environment where researchers and trainees are taking rehabilitation science to new heights.

Our researchers lead nine cross-functional research teams. They bring to their work a rich and varied mix of academic, clinical and technical experience. Students and postdoctoral students gain a broad perspective, whether learning how to design prototypes or conduct clinical trials. They receive excellent support in turning their ideas into research projects that can ultimately help people.

We offer a number of new state-of-the-art labs, testing facilities and related support space. These facilities are all part of iDAPT, one of the world’s most advanced rehabilitation research environments. Our research is also integrated into care; research teams get to work directly with patients and to see real results.

Trainees have an opportunity to interact with potential employers because of our strong relationships with industry. Many of our former students have launched on exciting careers in rehabilitation research in Canada, the U.S., and abroad.

We welcome your interest in Toronto Rehab and the work we are doing to expand the horizons of rehabilitation science.

The UHN Office of Research Trainees (ORT) provides trainees, principal investigators, administrators and additional support staff with a portal for addressing trainee-related issues.

The ORT aims to:

  • Showcase the strong UHN research environment
  • Represent and support the importance of research training within UHN
  • Enhance the quality of the research training and mentoring experience
  • Facilitate information exchange and interaction among trainees
  • Assist trainees in obtaining external funding

Visit the ORT website.