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How We Collaborate

We bring together private companies and researchers with a common goal: to turn great ideas into real-life technologies and products, enhancing the lives of older persons and those living with disabling injury or illness, and their caregivers.

Unlike the traditional technology transfer model, we involve companies in the entire process of product development, right from the start. Companies and researchers work collaboratively. It’s an open-door environment that promotes a vigorous exchange of ideas and expertise.

Our newly-minted labs feature equipment that small companies rarely have themselves. Prototypes for much-needed technologies can be created quickly and accurately, and tested with patients. We also provide companies with access to exceptional technical and research expertise.

By signing a confidentiality agreement, companies get the opportunity to negotiate a business arrangement if they see something they think they can sell.

Companies are quickly discovering that Toronto Rehab is well-positioned to develop and test new products and quickly deliver products to market.