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iDAPT Services offers ‘one-stop’ capabilities to take your ideas and concepts for medical devices and turn them into reality. With a highly experienced and trained cross-functional team, iDAPT Services offers world-leading technologies, equipment and software experience focused on meeting your needs. Whether you require one simple plastic prototype or the design and delivery of a complex, integrated device, iDAPT Services can do it all.

iDAPT Services is part of Toronto Rehab’s research initiative. We offer our extensive knowledge and capabilities to a diverse client base – private businesses, institutions, individuals – anyone who requires support to design, protect, develop, prototype and test new technologies. iDAPT Services offers support in any health-related technology. Let iDAPT Services research, design, develop and deliver your products – leaving you time to focus on other areas or develop your business.

A Team Approach

At iDAPT Services, you will have access to some of the brightest talent in the country – as well as to qualified contacts in the community, including suppliers, manufacturers and Toronto Rehab researchers and clinical staff.

iDAPT Services assembles a cross-functional project team with the complementary skills to maximize value. Early involvement of all team members ensures that the feedback loop is closed – avoiding poor designs or manufacturing challenges that potentially add time and cost to the project.

Case Studies

Since its inception, iDAPT Services has helped a variety of companies and groups with their concepts and designs. Some examples:

Case Study 1: Alcohol Gel Hand Washing

Challenge: Develop a system to prompt hospital staff to wash their hands and track use.

Approach: The patented system consisted of wearable alcohol gel dispensers, tracking beacons mounted on the ceiling, and small wireless receivers. The alcohol gel dispenser was initially designed in SolidWorks™ and uploaded into 3D Lightyear™ to create a high-quality plastic prototype with the SLA® 5000 stereolithography rapid prototyping machine. Battery clips and associated electronics were mounted in the plastic prototype and then tested. After iterations to incorporate user and industrial design improvements, the final design was completed.

Case Study 2: Patient Lifting Device

Challenge: Design a component for a patient-lifting device.

Approach: Initially designed in SolidWorks™, the component underwent mechanical analysis using Cosmos™ FEA. The design was uploaded into 3D Lightyear™ to create a high-quality plastic prototype with the SLA® 5000 stereolithography rapid prototyping machine. After confirming that the prototype met the design objectives, the SolidWorks™ design was converted to a CNC solution using MasterCamTM, and the metal prototype was milled using a 5-axis CNC milling machine.

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